Can I Get a Free Roof Replacement?

“Can I Get a Free Roof Replacement?”

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As you likely know, your roof replacement is almost already “free”. Insurance companies pay for most the cost of replacing your roof from wind and/or hail damage, minus your homeowner insurance deductible.

The answer is “No.” *

However, you can earn money from us to recover the deductible you had to pay your insurance company. (See how further below:)

Many roofing contractors will try to scare you with something along the following: (This is an attempt to “prove” to you how ethical they are.)

“No. It is illegal.

The law in Colorado is very clear.

“Business practices that reduce or eliminate the need for actual payment of required copayments and deductibles by an insured for property damages interfere with contractual obligations entered into by the insured and the insurer relating to such payments when the costs arising from the reduction or elimination are passed on to the insurer.” -COLORADO HOUSE BILL 99-1059

It’s not just the roofer who is committing fraud. When a homeowner signs a policy, he/she is signing a contract saying they won’t accept reimbursement for a deductible, or allow the repairer to pay the deductible for them. This law clarifies doing so constitutes fraud.

You can be sued for breach of contract, and potentially charged with “Abuse of Property Insurance” (a Class 2 Misdemeanor).

“Don’t worry. It’s only illegal if the roofer pays the deductible directly.”

Not true. The law in Colorado specifies that any “rebates” or “things of value” that are given to the homeowner as a means of offsetting the expense of the deductible is illegal, even if the homeowner pays the deductible up front and is later compensated by the roofer.
“It’s not really enforced.”

Not true. This type of fraud happens frequently, and insurance companies as well as states are cracking down. Colorado law states that, “in addition to criminal penalties, any person who violates [this law] may be … liable to any person who suffers financial injury…”

If your insurance company finds out about the deal you struck with the roofer, they can come after you … not only for the deductible, but for even more … including the full cost of the repair, lawyers’ fees, etc., and their civil suit against you will be upheld by Colorado law.

“This is different. We’re just paying you to advertise for us.”

Roofers will often offer to pay the homeowner the amount of the deductible in exchange for putting a sign in their yard. It sounds okay, right? The problem is it really doesn’t matter if the roofer takes $1000 in cash out of his own pocket and hands it to you.

If he is being paid by the insurance company for repairing that roof, that money indirectly came from them. When the insurance company finds out they can easily show in court that the money that was paid to you for “advertising” actually came directly or indirectly from your insurance claim.

Think your roofer doesn’t know that? Ask him if it’s okay if you let the insurance company know about his offer.

“We can keep it just between us.”

When a roofer is sued by the insurance company, their customers are investigated as well. Even if the deal is not specified in the contract, financial audits usually uncover this kind of thing. With a wink and a nod the roofer might act like he’s doing you a favor, but don’t count on any favors when the insurance company subpoenas your bank statements.

Nobody likes paying the deductible. But allowing a roofer to pay it for you or even reimburse you is unethical and illegal.

Every roofer knows this is illegal, but many choose to do unethical business anyway.

Consider this:

If a roofer is willing to cheat the insurance companies to get your business, what are they willing to cheat their customers out of?

Can you really trust a contractor who openly skirts the law?”


* The above is basically their “pitch.” It scares many people.


However, if you’re tight on funds in this bad economy, we understand. There is a legitimate way we can help you which is perfectly legal. You can work for us. There is no law which says you can’t do this. The last I heard, we still live in a free enterprise system in America!

The following is not illegal or even unethical in any shape or form.

Here’s how you can earn money from us:

1) Refer anybody who gets a roof replacement from us and we will pay you $500 for each referral.

2) Put a small (supplied) sign in your yard for us for 2 months (or an agreed upon term).

3) Fill out a small Customer Survey form.

4) Allow us to list you as one of our referrals on our website and/or other media.

As soon as any of an agreed upon combination of the above services are performed, we will pay you. You will need to sign an independent contractors agreement regarding, terms, conditions, services performed, and prices paid … all of which are negotiable.

You will be given a 1099 at the end of the year from us for any earnings you made above $600 for this year.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Now you know how this is done correctly, ethically, and legally.

So if you need a roof replaced from professional roofers, there isn’t much holding you back from getting one from American Roofing here in the Colorado Front Range region.

Your next step is to simply give Mike Powell a call at 1-303-681-9199 or fill out the contact form here. He will come out to your home, do a free 20-point roof inspection, and do the paperwork so you can get your new roof right away (if you choose to get one).

(Mike will take care of all the insurance claim dealings for you so you don’t have that headache.)