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Roof Hail Damage Can Create Difficult Losses

by Mike Powell

in Roof Hail Damage, Roof Insurance Claim

Photo Roof Hail Damage

One potentially serious, yet difficult-to-detect, type of loss that can strike an apartment or condo complex is hail storm damage. Scott Davidson, a public adjuster affiliated with the Texas and Colorado offices of Adjusters International—whose extensive background in dealing with claims of this type includes working with major property management firms and REITS (real estate investment trusts) across the country—has found that on-site managers often don’t even realize that their property has suffered hail damage.

As clues to that possibility he advises that following a hail storm, a determination be made as to whether trees or flowers on the property have been damaged, if cars parked in the open were dented or building windows have been broken. Equally important, the many portions of the building not commonly considered subject to damage—such as window and door screens, siding, and air conditioners —may also have suffered hail damage and should be closely inspected. Perhaps the most costly and least recognized is hail damage to roofs.

Hail damage to asphalt shingle roofs is often not immediately recognized. It may take up to two or three years after one or more hail storms for the roof to begin to leak. On a flat roof, unless the hail is quite large (baseball size or more), it is also hard to detect hail damage until much later.


(Note from me: The same goes with single-family homes. If property management companies are vulnerable to missing hail damage on the roofs of their properties, then homeowners are, too. So your roof needs to be checked for hail damage (especially in the Denver region) at least once a year so you don’t lose your window of opportunity with your homeowners insurance company to take care of a potential roof problem. Never try to do this yourself. A qualified Roof Inspector should get up on your roof and look. They know what to look for. I will do this for you for free. Just call me (Mike) at 1-303-681-9199 or fill out this form.)

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