Roof Inspection Service – 20-Point Check List

Roof Inspection Service

Roof Inspection Service


Typically, the minimum Fee for a professional Roof Inspection Service is $140 for the first 30 minutes.

This type of roof inspection usually takes us about half an hour for one structure or unit that is about 2,000 square feet, and “walkable” (where most of the roof is less than 8:12 pitch).

If additional time is required for a Roof Inspection Service, the rate is $120.00 per man-hour for any time over the first 30 minutes billed at quarter hour increments.

The normal Roof Inspection Service Fee includes costs for travel time, vehicle, and fuel expenses to and from the Job Address – if the Job Address where the Roof Inspection is performed is located within 15 miles (30 miles round trip) from the intersection of S University Blvd and E County Line Rd in Littleton, Colorado as calculated using Bing Maps.

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Here is what our Roof Inspection entails:

1. Measure for and calculate for proper attic ventilation.

2. Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal.

3. Inspect all valleys for cracks and deterioration.

4. Inspect roof for missing shingle granules.

5. Check gutters, and downspouts for blockage.

6. Inspect fasten method used from original installation.

7. Inspect flashing at all walls.

8. Check for loose shingles.

9. Inspect all pipe flashing’s for cracks.

10. Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot.

11. Check to see if shingles are brittle, curled or deteriorated.

12. Check all skylight and/or chimney flashing for proper installation and seal.

13. Check the condition of the actual skylights and/or chimney units.

14. Check for soft spots on the roof. (May indicate dry/wet rot)

15. Check in attic space for type of sheeting and condition. (If soft spots are detected.)

16. Check insulation as well for condition and moisture. (If leak is suspected or attic inspection is otherwise called for.)

17. Inspect seals on shingle to help prevent wind damage.

18. Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.

19. Inspect for proper shingle overhang at gutters and eaves.

20. Check for proper underlayment. (IE. Felt paper)

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