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Roof Replacement Claim Estimating Calculator

by Mike Powell

in Roof Replacement, Roof Replacement Estimate

Use our Roofing Calculator below to quickly get a “roof replacement quote” to estimate what your insurance company determines is the total cost of roof replacement for a wind and/or hail roof damage claim.

Our roofing calculator assumes no corners have been cut for a professional job of quality roof replacement by a competent roofing contractor.

Your insurance claim will have a deductible which you will need to pay. However, we can help you. Click here

Note: This calculator is for roof damage insurance-claim purposes. If your roof replacement is not an insurance claim or your claim has been turned down, and you will be paying cash, please call me at (303) 681-9199 for a cash deal.

Get a professional estimate. We’ll come out and do a roof inspection and take exact measurements:

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