Why Choose American Roofing As Your Denver Roofing Contractor?

You have 100’s of roofing contractors to choose from. So why choose American Roofing?


Wouldn’t you like the lowest price for your replacement roof?

Of course, we all do! However, isn’t getting the best value a more important concern?

I’ll show you here why with American Roofing, you get … “hands down”, the best overall value.

Think about it like this …

If you’re going through your insurance to replace or repair your roof, how much does it really cost you?

Your only out-of-pocket cost is your insurance deductible, isn’t it?

So then, the real question becomes … “how much value do you get for your deductible?”

American Roofing does not recommend trying to replace your roof on your own unless you’re a qualified contractor. Roofing jobs are a very technical project, which have IMMENSE repercussions should something go wrong.

Your roof protects your entire house and everything inside. So never put all that at risk by using potentially substandard workmanship which may void warranties, or worse …. cause leaks and more problems than you started with.

If you try to be your own General Contractor, you get a lot of headache trying to find a material supplier who will give you a good price without the benefit of volume pricing.

(Believe it or not, Home Depot is truly expensive!)

Then you suffer even more worry and stress trying to find a roofing crew who has proper insurance, and can do a quality job at a good price!

Are you sure they won’t just take your money and run?

(The roofing business is the 2nd most scam-riddled industry. So you have to be extremely careful and choose your roofing contractor carefully)

Do you know who to contact to pull your own permit?

Perhaps you may think you can save a lot of money this way by not paying your deductible to some roofing company, but in reality the check you get from your insurance company may not even cover the costs of your materials and labor.

So is it worth it to save a little bit of money in exchange for all of the headache, worry, and stress?

So what do you get by choosing American Roofing over other roofing companies?

First, we know how to build you an excellent roof!

After much success in the City of Centennial, one of their inspectors called us and asked us to even do his personal home. What a testimonial, huh? He’s even agreed to let us list him as a business reference, which I’ll be happy to give.

We also take all the hassle out of the process.

1) We’ll file the claim for you.
2) We’ll meet with your adjuster to fight on your behalf to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.
3) We have volume deals in place with our suppliers and can typically get your materials delivered in about a day.
4) We pull the permit and schedule the final inspection with your local government agency.
5) We use a crew large enough to do the job in a day—including a thorough clean up.
6) If you’d like to get away from all the noise the day of the build, we will even put you up in a hotel. Try to find somebody else who offers that!

The only thing you need to do (which you’ll enjoy)  is pick out your favorite color for your brand-new beautiful roof. That’s easy with our special “app” on our website that allows you to actually visualize what your new roof will look like!

Insurance Claim Specialists

American Roofing has Insurance Claim Specialists who work hard for you.

What this means for you is you have a much better chance of getting your roof claim approved!

We have expert knowledge and experience specific to each city and county in the Denver region.

Did you know that it’s really not up to your insurance adjuster to determine how much damage is the threshold for replacing your roof?

Neither do most of our competitors.

I won’t give out our “trade secret” as to who does determine that threshold. However, I will tell you that the adjuster’s job is simply to document the amount and type of damage.

American Roofing has had much success leveraging our knowledge and experience in getting your claim approved, even if your claim has been previously been denied. The least we’ll do is get you additional repair money from your insurance carrier … versus other roofing companies failure or trying to do it yourself.

On top of just a better approval ratio, we can also get you more covered expenses.

For example;

How many roofing companies out there simply do roofs? Many!

That’s great for them, but is this really great for you?

Most of our approvals also come with collateral damage like window screens, gutters, painting, window repairs, etc.

So for your same out-of-pocket expense (your deductible), you can get your roof plus a whole lot more with American Roofing.