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Top 11 Roofing Questions Our Roofing Customers Ask Us

by Mike Powell

in Denver Roofing Contractors, Replace Roof

Top 11 Roofing Questions Our Roofing Customers Ask Us

1) What do I have to pay?

In most cases, you should only have to pay your deductible. Your insurance policy is designed so your deductible is your only out-of-pocket expense. The depreciation withheld is recoverable on completion of the project. If you’re the first in your neighborhood to get your roof replaced, we can help you pay your deductible. Free Roof Replacement Details

2) Will American Roofing work directly with my insurance company or adjuster?

Yes, of course we will. From meeting with the insurance adjuster, to overcoming price and scope of work discrepancies, to invoicing the insurance company when the job is complete. Global roofing will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to get your property fully restored.

3) Do I need a new roof or can I just get it repaired?

Many homes will have one side of the roof with heavier damage than the other side. However, the integrity of the shingles on the side with less damage may still have been compromised. Hail will effect all slopes of the roof, therefore the entire roof will likely need to be replaced.

4) When you install my new roof, will it meet all local building codes?

Yes. Each of our products are ordered and installed with local building codes in mind. We constantly stay up to date with codes and proper procedures in your city, county, and Colorado.

5) How long will it take to finish my project?

For most roof replacement projects, allow for 1 day for the actual replacement, and perhaps part of the second day for complete, detailed clean-up. For replacement of siding, allow 3 to 5 days.

6) Do I need to be home while work is proceeding?

No. We simply need outside water and power. We do not need access to inside your home. For interior work, or unusual circumstances, our production manager will schedule with you. While we’re working, to avoid the noise and congestion, you can enjoy a stay and full breakfast at Comfort Suites, on us, if you so choose.

7) What happens if it rains or snows during the installation of my roof?

We monitor the weather very, very closely so surprise rain or snow rarly happens. Besides, we will only remove what we can replace in the same day. We also use tarps for unexpected emergencies. If for some reason your roof cannot be replaced in the same day, we will make it water-tight before we leave for the evening.

8) What happens if I have rotten wood?

If during the process of replacing your roof shingles we discover you have rotten decking, we will replace as needed. It is extremely hard to determine if you have rotten wood and to what extent until we actually replace your shingles. We cannot shingle over rotten wood because the nails will not hold.

9) Will you replace the underlayment to the wood deck?

Of course. We strip every roof down to the surface, inspect the decking, and install new felt. In addition, we use starter strips specifically designed to be used as start under the first course of shingles. Many companies will not replace your felt. Also, most companies us pretab shingles as starter strips which do not seal as well.

10) Will my property be cleaned daily?

Yes. Every one of our job sites are cleaned every single day. Additionally, we go over your property with a magnetic nail sweeper.

11) Will we need to provide bathroom facilities?

No. Our crews will make other arrangements.

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